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Weather affected

Or the story of how I got stuck in Flores Island

all seasons in one day 21 °C
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This is the story of how I got ´trapped´ by the weather conditions here in Flores Island.
Let me get to beginning of the story. We arrived to Ponta Delgada on Wednesday night, already aware that we were travelling into the middle of a so called tropical storm.
The flight was pleasant and we spent the night in S. Miguel island.
The next day the bad weather finally started, with strong winds and rain, so we had to wait a couple of hours at the airport, waiting for our plane to Flores.

Arriving later than we initially had in mind, we still took the chance to walk a bit - actually about 20km, my legs and feet already aching - after a late lunch - so late that we had to beg a restaurant owner to let us in -, visited Santa Cruz and the surroundings and the weather was excellent - sunny and warm.
The next day we found out that the public transport was not working due to the national holiday, so we had to rent a car - a nice deal though, as it was both cheap and gave us much more freedom. We visited some of the most beautiful places I had ever seen and walked also on some trails.
We decided to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant at Lajes, which we later found out, belonged to a german couple.
We went to sleep, waking up to a very tropical rain and a phone call telling us that our boat to Corvo island had been cancelled due to the bad weather, so now we are stuck here, waiting for the sea to calm its waves, so we can continue our journey...

To be continued...

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Back to the middle of Atlantic Ocean

Next stop: Flores

I do not own the rights to this picture - http://www.flickriver.com/photos/28939418@N00/2079030612/

My next stop will be something like this...
Green landscapes, waterfalls, (rain) and mild temperature. Flores is one of the islands of our Azores Archipelago.
So, if the "hurricane" doesn't ruin our plans, we'll spend some days in Flores and Corvo (the smallest island). I'll try to take lots of pictures so I can share some with you.

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Tróia: The "Portuguese Riviera"

sunny 30 °C
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I spent this weekend mostly doing some house tasks. However, on Sunday, I decided to go visit my parents in Tróia. I took the suburban train to Setubal, where I could catch the ferry-boat to Tróia.

Tróia lies on a peninsula, on the south margin side of river Sado, about 60km south of Lisbon. Until recently, it had been a failed project, but 2 of the wealthiest Portuguese venture groups decided to invest and now Tróia holds a high status, resort-like vacation spot.

It is still much of a quiet spot, but it can get pretty crowded on summer, specially on weekends, when people from Setúbal like to go get some tan. So, I arrived there around lunch time, and we decided to go to a restaurant in Comporta, a typical small town, with fresh fish and plenty of restaurants. The weather, although hot, wasn't unbearable, so we just chilled there.

On the afternoon, and after our "sesta" (a nap), we went to the beach. The coastline and the view from Tróia reminds me a bit of Italian coastline, and I always compare it to the Italian Riviera.

Then, it was time to return home, but I was sure it was a day nicely spent.

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Portuguese Pearls - Azores

Certainly, a magical place

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I've heard my friends and family talking about the Azores islands since I can remember. I had read stories and books about this Portuguese Archipelago (which lies in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and has 9 islands More info here) so I was always imagining how would feel to go there and visit them.

Once again, the opportunity came in 2011, when I was planning my summer vacations. My girlfriend also wanted to go there, and recently they started to sell cheaper tickets to the Islands. The only bad part was that we could only afford (in terms of both time and money) to visit one island. We chose São Miguel, the main and biggest island. For its scenery, the famous lagoons and the infrastructures.


We flew there using SATA, the regional flight company. The flight was very pleasant and arriving at the island we had amazing views of all the green involving the ocean.


I won't go into much details about the trip, although I can say that 1 week is hardly enough for seeing all the places we had planned to see. The lagoons were amazing, the weather was great in most of the days, the food something I cannot describe in my own words and the calm atmosphere felt all over the island is something that I only hope lasts for a long long time.


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Tornare in Italia - Back from Italy

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Still with my latest trip on my mind, I'm back to Portugal. This long weekend in Italy was just something I needed to feel alive.
As I told you in the latest post, we were headed to Genova (Genoa), but our flight was to Milan (cheaper and direct).

We arrived at Linate Airport(this was my first time in this airport), and we stayed in this hotel near to the airport, so we wouldn't lose much time to get to sleep.
Next day, we went to the Central Station and caught the train to Genova. On our way to the station, we realized that the Pope was also visiting the city and that it was a national holiday.
Arriving at Genova, the weather was cloudy and the signs indicated that it would start to rain soon. Nonetheless, we left our stuff at the hotel and went to have a nice Ligurian lunch. My girlfriend knows the place quite well, since she lived there for a few months, so we went to a cozy little restaurant in the old city. I ordered the Trofie al Pesto (the one that I was dreaming for some time now) and she ate pasta with some tomato sauce.

After lunch, we explored a bit of the old city, with its narrow streets and alleys. Genova's city center is a labyrinth of this little streets and one can get lost wandering them. The sky had cleared a bit and it wasn't raining anymore, so we took the bus to Boccadasse, a small village in the Genova suburbs. We enjoyed the quietness and the gelato (icecream) in an old, but refurbished gelateria.


We returned to Genova and bought some souvenirs to take back home. It was getting dark and our stomachs were beginning to get empty from the gelato, so we went to find a restaurant that my girlfriend knew. We took some time to select our pizza (there was much choice), and also asked for a salad and a jar of white wine. Everything was great! We were exhausted, so we went back to the hotel.

Next morning, the route was already more or less planned. We bought train tickets and our destination: Camogli. One great thing about this part of the country is that the coastline is superb and the train rides right next to it.

Camogli is a nice little town, that seems taken from a painting. This town is embracing the sea, that looked so calm to me. We walked around Camogli, and found out many tourists, shops filled with souvenirs and lots of boats.


Another meal and another great italian food I had to try: the focaccia with Recco cheese. Amazing! We ate at the beach and the sea was inviting us to a swim. Unfortunately, we hadn't brought our swimming suits, so we just dipped our feet in the water. At the mid-afternoon, we headed to Nervi, which was another small town between Genova and Camogli. We visited the park where we saw squirrels and we could observe Italians in their leisure time.

Back to Genova, and still some time to go before our train to Milan. We were already missing Italy and wanted to stay for a few days (or weeks) more, but it we had to get back. We went to aperitivo (which is a meal before dinner) and took the train to Milan, and the plane back to Portugal.

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