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Tornare in Italia - Genova

After all... We are heading to the riviera

overcast 20 °C

Well, life has some surprises. For me it was the change of plans in our plans to visit Lake Como. We decided to go to Genova instead.
Although I've been previously in Genova, I think this city still surprises me in many senses: even though it isn't a particularly nice or picturesque, it can be a unique place. The city's architecture, even the people (lots of different cultural influences) are at least, slightly different from the other Italian cities.


We'll be staying at a nice hotel near Brignole railway station (we allowed ourselves a splurge night) and we hope that the weather isn't as bad as predicted.


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Madeira - A piece of Portuguese heaven

And how it changed

sunny 20 °C

On my first visit to Madeira, I went to visit both Madeira and Porto Santo islands. (For some background info, note that Madeira is an Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, which has a regional government. You can check the wiki page here) I went with my mom and we booked the trip through an agency. I remember all being expensive, since we always went to lunch and dinner at the restaurant. I also remember falling in love with all the nature, the flowers, the atmosphere of this unique place. This was some 12 years ago.

About 2 years ago, easyjet released its low cost flights to Madeira, so I immediately checked the prices and booked a trip with some friends to visit this island. The flight takes less than 2 hours and you feel like arriving to a different country. The climate is different (Madeira has good weather all year due to its tropical climate), the airport is cozy and we were welcomed everywhere we went. We only spent a weekend there, visiting part of the island on our rental car, and eating and drinking the typical food. Madeira had changed quite a bit from what I remember from 10 years before. The island had become a "swiss cheese" - new roads and tunnels were built -, making the crossing of the island a much more simple task.

We enjoyed it so much that last year we thought to ourselves 'We must repeat that'. So, yet again, we took advantage of easyjet promotion and booked our trip to November. Another weekend, different itinerary, some different friends too. The second part of this adventure was as awesome as the first and we promised ourselves that this trips would become some sort of tradition.


2012 came, and with it, the IATA winter schedule 2012/2013. "Go, ask all the people, see who's interested and lets book it". So, that's what we did. Along with this "European Crisis", there were some changes in prices (the fuel prices increased about 20%, the accommodation around 25% and the flight about 30%). But, we are booked, and I'm hoping to catch great weather, explore new places and enjoy the delicious flavors of this amazing island.


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The joy of Travel

the way I see it

For me travel is more than just the time you spend in a place, being it on vacations or work. For me, the way you get from A to B is sometimes as important as being in B.

I've spent many hours in trains, planes, cars, buses, in order to get to the places I wanted to go. However, the joy of departing and the joy of arriving, the anticipation of what is yet to come is something that excites me and gives me "the rush". These minutes, hours, days that I spent "on my way" to my destination give me the feeling of motion that I need in order to feel that I'm exiting from my own environment.
The thought of arriving to some place new, where I haven't been before, to not know what I may find, the planning (and sometimes over-planning) and the search for the new is what makes me want to travel, to spend hours imagining all the places WHERE I want to go and HOW do I want to get there.

For those who share the same feeling, I wish you "Boa viagem" :)


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Tornare in Italia - Milan

A weekend in Como

My girlfriend invited me and arranged a trip for us to Lago di Como, in Northern Italy.
So, in 4 weeks I'll be spending my weekend flying to Milan, then a train ride to somewhere near the lake.


I'm looking forward to this trip :)

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Barcelona - A touristic and lively place

sunny 22 °C
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I have returned on Tuesday from Barcelona just to realize how much cloudy and messy my own country can get.

We arrived there on Saturday late afternoon. My girlfriend complained that the flight was very turbulent, but for me it was ok (despite the in flight meal being only a small bag of cookies at lunch hour). The weather that day was rainy and very cloudy, so after arriving to our friend's flat, we just decided to rest and eat dinner calmly at home.


Next day I woke up early and went to visit the Cathedral. With a majestic facade and beautiful interiors, it contains numerous chapels on the aisles. The weather was sunny that day, so we caught the metro and went to visit Park Güell. This is (at least for me) one of the most interesting and beautiful places in Barcelona and well worth to visit. I had been previously there, but still I really enjoyed to visit it. And my girlfriend too, of course. From there, we went on to see the Sagrada Familia. The line was huge and the prices were expensive, so we've agreed that we would visit the inside when the temple when the construction finishes (for those who don't know, this very popular temple/church began to be constructed in 1882 and some information estimates a completion date in 2028). Still on foot, we got to the Casa Batlló, Casa Milà which were designed by Gaudi and we got to Plaça de Catalunya (one of the main squares).


Our friends took us to a nice african restaurant in El Bron neighborhood, where I ate a delicious couscous with veal meat and a special sauce (on which I cannot give more details). After dinner we just walked around the streets, which were full of people, admiring the nightly lifestyle that people enjoy in Barcelona. The schedule in Barcelona is a bit different from Madrid. People wake up later and also eat their meals later that in the capital.


Due to the May Day (Workers' Day) on Tuesday, lots of people had taken the day off on Monday, so it the streets were very crowded and full of tourists. We decided to go to the "shore", just walk on the promenade. Although it was a bit windy, there were people practicing some sports, street shopping or simply relaxing on the beach or on the grass.

On our way back home, we walked up "Las Ramblas", a big avenue composed by several ramblas. As usually, the place was packed with tourists, so we got lost in the crowd and took the chance to buy some souvenirs. We also went to "Mercat de la Boqueria" (a very nice old market where they sell food; here you can drink a fresh natural juice, eat the typical jamon or even buy bottles of wine).

At night we went out to sample out the nightlife by going to a bar and afterwards to a disco. We chatted with our friends and promised to come back some day.

On Tuesday, we woke up late, and just chilled a bit around the streets, visit the old "Barri Gotic" and taking photos. Then, it was time to get back to Lisbon and say "gràcies" to our hosts.

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